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Additional Services

PAP Clinics

One of our Registered Nurses (RN) is trained to perform routine pap smears. This service has been made available to increase the options available to women in our practice to have this important regular screening exam done, either with the RN or their regular family physician. Women can book this exam by calling our office and indicating who they would prefer to see.  Current recommendations are to have this exam done every 3 years from the age of 21 to 70 (after an initial series of 3 yearly exams starting at age 21).

Please note:  RN pap smear visits should be for routine screening only, if women are experiencing gynecologic symptoms or concerns they should book an appointment with their regular family physician.

Blood Draws

Our Registered Nurses can help with blood collection for planned laboratory tests.  This service is offered only by appointment on Thursday and Friday between 8:15 a.m. and 9:00 a.m.  There is a small charge ($15) to cover our supplies and shipping to the hospital (but the parking is free!).

Diabetes Educator Clinics

To help guide diabetic patients in our practice with the management of their diabetes we have the services of two Diabetes Educators—a specially trained dietitian and nurse—on Fridays at our clinic. Visits with them are by appointment only.  Ask your family physician if this would be appropriate for you.

Other Services

Our Registered Nurses (RN) can help you with other services without needing to see your family physician. Examples include vaccinations, ear syringing, routine injections (Vitamin B12, DepoProvera) and dressing changes. Contact our office and ask to book an appointment with the RN for one of these reasons.

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