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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the extended-hours clinic open?

Our clinic is open 0800-2030, Monday to Thursday and 0800-1630 on Friday.  Please call first to confirm an appointment time.

What if I need extended-hours care when the clinic is closed?

In this case, you have a few options:

What do I do if I am outside the province or country?

We recommend researching the local health-care system prior to visiting any other province or country so you will be familiar with the options available should you require health care while you are travelling.

For non-urgent care, you can also:

  • Call your clinic or book an appointment online. You may decide to wait until you can be seen by your physician, or your physician may be able to speak with you by phone if you do not need to be seen in person.

  • Contact your physician through the secure web portal.

What can I be seen for in the extended-hours clinic?

Appointment spaces during these extended hours clinic are kept available for quick appointments that could not be predicted. For example: sore throats, chest congestion, fevers, ear infections, etc.

These are not intended for regular check-ups and appointments. However, there may be some availability to schedule regular appointments during these extended hours as well.

I want a physician in your clinic. Where do I sign up?

We are currently not accepting new patients. Any new patients are added from the Patient Connect NB list. To get on the list, call 811 or visit their website.

Is my medical information safe?

Absolutely. We use the Provincial Electronic Medical Record to store your medical history. The security standards for this system are stricter than those for online banking.

Have a question that isn't listed? Contact us.
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