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Our Policies

Please carefully review our office policies.​

These may change without notice and may vary by physician.

Change of Address

Please notify our staff of any changes to address, telephone work or cell phone numbers.

Visit Length Policy

The length of medical appointments are 10 minutes. If you require more time during an appointment please notify staff when booking the appointment to allow for proper scheduling.

Reminders for Regular Appointments Policy

If you feel it would be helpful, we can arrange for staff to call you the day before your appointment for a reminder.

Rescheduling Late Patient Policies

Reserved appointment times in any medical office is limited and valuable. It is extremely important for patients to honour their reserved times. Failure to do so deprives other patients from receiving needed care in a timely fashion. We reserved the right to fit in or re-book patients who are more than 15 minutes late for appointments

Booking reason

Our staff will ask for a reason when you book to see us. This is appropriate for them to do and is covered by confidentiality protection. Please provide them with an accurate reason for your visit. This helps us to appropriately plan for your visit with respect to time and resources (ie nurse needed or more time required for procedures). Failure to do so may result in your needing to rebook when the appropriate resources/timing is possible. 

Missed Appointment Policy

Please call our office promptly, if you will be unable to attend an appointment, we (or clinic name) require at least 4 hours’ notice for appointment cancellations. By notifying us in advanced we are able to accommodate other patients. Since appointments are in high demand, your prompt cancellation will give another patient opportunity to access timely medical care.  Repeat missed appointments may result in a charge.

Same day Appointments / Urgent Visits 

We routinely reserve several appointment slots to accommodate concerns that should be seen urgently. When you are sick, we will see you as quickly as possible—help us help you by calling early for a same-day appointment.

These appointments are to discuss and deal with the urgent issue only. Please book a regular appointment for any other concerns (ie prescription refills etc). 

Expired Medicare coverage

Should your Medicare coverage lapse, you will be informed of this at check in for your visit. If this is not reinstated prior to your next visit, you will be charged directly for the cost of the first and any subsequent visits, a fee of $75 per visit. You can apply to Medicare once coverage is reinstated for partial reimbursement.

Cross-Coverage Policy

When your physician is away, either a locum physician will be in place to see you or the other associate physicians will reserve additional same-day visits to accommodate your urgent needs.

Residents/medical students

We are a teaching practice. This means we routinely have resident physicians working with us. They are able to asses you and provide prescriptions and are appropriately supervised by a staff physician. You may not see the staff physician during one of these visits. We may also have medical students with us. In this case, the student will assess you and then you will meet with them and the staff physician to discuss a plan.

Physician Gender-Neutral Policy

We are unable to accommodate physician gender preference for urgent appointments with another physician, or for routine visits when your physician is away and has arranged a covering locum physician.

Pap clinic and nursing visits

Our nurses are able to see you for minor issues independently (ie vaccines, ear flushing, etc). There is also an option to book with our nurse for your Pap test should you wish. You may not see your physician during this visit.

Uninsured Services Policy

Fees for medical services that are not covered by the provincial insurance plan are the responsibility of you, the patient. The fees assigned are as per the recommendations of the provincial medical association. We realize and will always take into consideration that some patients may not be able to pay for these services. Please don’t hesitate to inform us if these charges pose a financial hardship to you

Scent Free Policy

To ensure that we create a healthy and safe environment for our patients and employees, Harbour Health maintains a scent free policy. Patients, visitors, employees and medical staff are requested to refrain from the use of scented products. Scented products contain certain chemicals that trigger symptoms in people with migraine, headaches, allergies, asthma and other respiratory disorders. Sometimes requiring emergency treatment.

Pet Policies

This clinic is committed to allowing full access to our facility to patients with service animals. Service animals are permitted in our clinic to assist patients with physical, mental and / or sensory disabilities. It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure the animal is properly controlled to avoid unnecessary disruptions, risk to safety or damage to property.

Prescription Renewal Policies

Prescription renewals require a reassessment of the continued appropriateness of the medication, dosage, and medical condition for which it’s prescribed.  For this reason, refills are done by appointment in clinic.  Please bring your medications, vitamins, over the counter medication in original packaging to minimize the chance of an error.

Accessing your Medical Records Policy

Under the Personal Health Information Protections and Access Act (PHIPAA), if a patient requests access to medical records, your doctor will make these records available for inspection within 30 days without charge. If a patient requires help understanding the record, the doctor will schedule an appointment to go over the information.

If a patient would like a copy of their record this can also be received within 30 days of a request. A fee for the costs of photocopying and mail out will be charged to the patient.

Appointment Booking Policy

Appointments can be made by calling our practice directly. Alternatively, you can book online.

New Patients Policy

First time patients are asked to arrive 15 minutes early to allow for adequate time for completing the initial paperwork.

Test Results

We promptly review test results. We usually do not call patients with normal results unless arranged for in advance. You will however be contacted by telephone if there are abnormal results that need to be discussed. If you would like to discuss the result with your physician please book an appointment to do this. In all cases, we encourage you to consult with the doctor if your symptoms remain or have gotten worse. Please note staff are unable to provide results via telephone, fax or email.

Confidentiality Policy

Confidentiality is of the utmost importance and will be strictly maintained. Your medical information will NOT be released to anyone (including members of your family) without your written permission. If we are unable to reach you directly over the telephone we will leave a message for you to contact us.

Patients are permitted to restrict the disclosure of such information. For this reason and in conjunction with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of New Brunswick regulations, we are required to obtain written express consent from the patient before we disclose the patient’s personal health information. It is permissible for a parent or legal guardian to manage these tasks for a minor and by default a parent or guardian is assumed to have authorization for a minor. Children sixteen (16) years of age or older MUST also grant authorization to a parent or guardian.

Clinic Environment Policy

We are committed to building and preserving a pleasant and comfortable environment for patients, staff, doctors and visitors alike. Consequently, we have a zero tolerance policy for any sort of harassment/abusive behaviour towards office staff, nurses, doctors or other patients. This includes verbal, physical harassment and any abusive communications via phone and/or in person. This type of behaviour will be grounds for immediate dismissal of the patient from the medical practice.

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